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Barba Real Estate Group, was founded in 1.966. The main activities of the company are real estate development, design, construction, urban development management, and asset and project management, lleading to extensive experience in multiple architectural and engineering works in the following areas: residential, heritage conservation and restoration, renovation and reform, infrastructures, commercial and industrial, efficiency and sustainability.

Barba Real Estate Group’s construction activity has achieved excellent results in optimizing both the design and building quality of its products by constructing over 2,350 homes, office buildings and multiple retail and industrial buildings. Its client-oriented philosophy allows offering a high quality product adapted to his needs and integrating the latest construction methods, materials, technology and environmental responsibility.

The company has also been the driving force in the development of twenty partial urban plans for the construction of more than 12,000 homes.

It is particularly important to highlight work carried out as a heritage real estate assessor, dealing with Project Management, Property Management, Facility Management and consultancy in general.

Barba Real Estate Group has a highly qualified team which has enabled the steady growth of the company. The team covers all areas involved in real estate: from technical, economic – financial, to legal, commercial, land and expansion.

Barba Real Estate Group runs its business from its headquarters in Madrid. At present the company is looking to set up in Peru and Poland.

The proven experience of Barba Real Estate Group in the property sector gained through its highly personalized management, depending on the product characteristics, allows, at the present time, the company to maintain its strong position to meet its business objectives in the coming years.

Barba Real Estate Group is also involved in other business areas such as hospitality and the services sector through the buying and selling of building materials, kitchens, bathrooms and landscaping services, as well as the agricultural and livestock sectors.

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